Security Financial Private Investment Counsel

Our Founder

Leo Belmonte

Is Director and Senior Trading Officer of the firm’s Mutual Fund affiliate, Security Financial Services & Investment Corp. He also serves as Director for Security Financial Private Investment Counsel.

Leo is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Financial Management Advisor (FMA), and Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI).

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts and a Post-Diploma in Mortgage Brokering, he entered the financial services industry with Investors Group in 1996. During his six-year tenure, Leo held title as consultant, field trainer, new consultant training instructor, and Associate Regional Director. He was instrumental in building a satellite office into a multi consultant, stand-alone branch, with a strong presence in Southern Ontario.

Leo has been at the helm of Security Financial Services & Investment Corp. since 2004 and has increased the firm’s advisor base and assets under administration consistently over the years.  He has been featured in numerous industry publications, selected as Wealth Professional’s Top 50 Advisors in Canada, and been a guest participant at The Private Wealth Forum in Toronto.

Founder - Leo Belmonte

Leo understands the investment industry and recognized there is a gap when it comes to product offerings, regulation, and effectively managing client needs.

Regulatory oversight limits what can be recommended to clients for their protection.  However, in some cases clients cannot keep up with the process and prefer to place the fiduciary onto a qualified, experienced, transparent, and ethical professional to manage their affairs – hence the creation of Security Financial Private Investment Counsel.

Leo enjoys time with his family, traveling, gardening, collecting wine, and golfing with his children.